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3 الی 6 ماه اکتبر 2018 - تهران٬ ایران
نمایشگاه بینالمللی آب و فاضلاب

اخبار و نوآوری ها

اخبار و نوآوری های منتشر شده توسط عرضه کنندگان آلمانی

Successes in the North Sea

For some months, oil and gas prices have been on a slow upward trend. Against this background, the investment volume for offshore projects in the North Sea has increased. BUTTING also benefits from this and was able to successfully gain…

غرفه‌داران: H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG

مقیاس های دیگر

Zohr Project: Major order from the oil and gas industry

BUTTING recently received a major order from the oil and gas industry: Sumitomo Corporation of Tokyo commissioned BUTTING to supply a total of more than 60 km of metallurgically clad pipes for the Zohr project; which is the largest project…

غرفه‌داران: H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG

مقیاس های دیگر

MICRODYN-NADIR unveils open design of BIO-CEL® L module

The new MICRODYN BIO-CEL® L MBR offers 360-degree access, which make the membrane system easier to clean and maintain. This open access design is a first for the BIO-CEL product line – another way MICRODYN-NADIR is changing the way customers…

غرفه‌داران: Microdyn-Nadir GmbH

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