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Amex Sanivar develops and markets systems for the trenchless repair of any type of pipeline (potable water, sewage, gas, oil).

Innovation & Ambition

Through research and real-life experience, we constantly innovate our products to better address our customer’s needs. We are ambitious in formulating the most convenient way of purchasing pipeline rehabilitation methods and having it delivered straight to our customer’s site.

Reliability & Quality

Over the last 40 years, we have created an exceptional knowledge base with information on the rehabilitation of pipes for all possible media and applications. We guarantee flawless application of our products. We ensure that all of our licensed partners receive regular on-site training from our highly specialized installation experts, and we oversee and approve all projects.

Products and services

SaniLine is a polyester based liner with a PE or PU coating that is inverted into any type of pipeline under pressure. Through ambient temperatures (lowest CO2 output) it cures to the host pipe. Applicable in pipes sized DN80 to DN1200.

SaniTube is a double-coated (PE or PU) is a close-fit liner that is pulled into the pipe and attached to the host pipe every 500-1000 meters. Up to 5 meter per minite and 1000 meter per pull. Low equipment investment. Applicable in pipes sized DN25 to DN450.

Amex is a mechanical sealing system for rehabilitating spot leaks and leaking joints in any type of accessible pipeline.

SaniTube is a pull-in-place liner that requires no curing or adhesive. It is comprised of the liner which is made of polyester woven hose. This liner is then dual coated with either a PU or PE coating. SaniTube ranges in size from DN 80 to DN 450 and can manage up to 45 degree bends.

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SaniLine is a cure-in-place liner. It is comprised of a polyester woven hose that is coated with either PE or a PU. SaniLine is inverted into the host pipe, and then adheres to the host pipe through a cold curing process. SaniLine ranges in size from DN 80 to DN 1200 and can negotiate 90 degree bends.

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Amex Seal

The Amex Seals are used for sealing spot leaks/damage and joints inside pipes. The are employed from the inside, and range from DN 600 to DN 6000 where the pipe is accessible. They also function as liner end seals. Amex Seals work in any pipe type, and seal tightly in either pressure or non-pressure pipes.

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