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Fresh Water Mill produces clear drinking water out of sea water, brackish or even waste water plus free electricity through maximum efficient use of wind power.

Top 10 advantages

1. Powered by renewable energy - 100% sustainable.
2. No gear, no turbine and no generator mean low cost of service and maintenance.
3. Statically very solid, because there is no weight in the nacelle.
4. Due to the innovative construction less material is used for building the filigree tower.
5. All technique is stored on ground level. Therefore it is extremely comfortable to do the checkups.
6. Long lifetime of components as there are no wearing parts except the membrane for RO.
7. Extremely low operational costs give you an early break even.
8. SolteQ control and monitoring system guarantees safety with a maximum lifetime and efficiency.
9. Differently shaped rotor blades are very silent and cause no disturbance.
10. FWM is resistant against sand and dust, so absolutely suitable for deserts. Also hurricane safe.

محصولات و خدمات

Innovative German Engineering makes it possible to get fresh drinking water out of sea water, brackish or even waste water through maximum efficient use of wind energy. In many ways Fresh Water Mill works differently from conventional systems. That’s why the results are outstanding and unique: Maximum quantity of drinking water plus free power.

Fresh Water Mill is doing the “magic trick” to transmit the incoming wind via a closed hydraulic circuit to the point of need – the reverse osmosis system – directly as pressure energy. Other than traditional methods based on an electric windmill with an output of less than 45% Fresh Water Mill achieves almost 98% efficiency.

According to your needs Fresh Water Mill is provided. It goes without saying that all power classes are easy to realize. Period of supply: approx. 3-5 months.

Although water rates differ due to i.e. wind speed and condition of the water to be cleaned Fresh Water Mill produces drinking water for 0,40 to 0,75 € per m³.

Fresh Water Mill by SolteQ

Fresh Water Mill by SolteQ

Fresh Water Mill by SolteQ

Fresh Water Mill by SolteQ

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SolteQ Europe GmbH
Willesch 6
49779 Oberlangen

تلفن: +49 151 2062744

Prof. Dr. Simone Rappel
Managing Director Asia, Africa & Oceania
تلفن: +49 151 20662744

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