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Delivery of piping components for the petrochemical industry

Damavand Petrochemical Company is one of Iran’s leading manufacturers of petrochemical products. The company is adapting to increasing demand on its domestic market by constructing new central supply units and systems for producing energy and waste water treatment. In order to operate the entire installation, Damavand Petrochemical Company is using sea water from the neighbouring Persian Gulf. This water, with a relatively high salt content at 4 %, is prepared for use through desalination. For both waste water treatment (brackish water) and for the sea water desalination plant, the operator is purchasing piping components with a nominal bore from 25 to 400 mm in the materials superduplex (UNS S32750) and TP 316L from BUTTING. The scope of delivery includes several hundred metres of pipes, elbows, reducers, flanges and distributors. All circumferential welds are subjected to a 10 % X-ray test, and all fillet welds must be completely checked. For piping components without site welds, the specification prescribes a pressure test. For decades BUTTING has been manufacturing piping components for desalination of sea water or for water and waste water treatment plants. So at first glance, this order does not seem anything special. Nevertheless: It is the first order that BUTTING received after the Iran embargo was relaxed. Thanks to the support of our local agent, BUTTING can be part of the new spirit of optimism in this beautiful country.

Exhibitor: BUTTING

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